Gajjar Group

About Us

Kishorebhai M. Gajjar
Founder, Gajjar Group

We combine thinking and craft.

Over the years, the eyewear industry has undergone massive changes. We have seen a movement from the conventional glasses to hard glass lenses, to the current trend of soft glass lenses. Fashion has also played a massive role in the evolution of this industry. While we observe all these changes in the eyewear industry in India, there is one name that has remained a constant: Gajjar Group.

Proud to be at the forefront of the eyewear industry in India since more than 4 decades, Gajjar Group can be attributed with bringing about a paradigm shift in the Indian eyewear industry. With keen focus on constant improvement and development of our products, we are renowned throughout the country for the high level of quality and technical soundness in what we manufacture. We do this by constantly innovating our technology to meet the requirements of our clients and creating designs that set new trends in the fashion world.

Founded by Kishorebhai Gajjar, we have been driven by the belief installed by the man himself. Kishorebhai’s motto that there is no alternative to hard work and this is instilled in the mind of everyone associated with Gajjar Group. It is our belief that the perfect combination of the right manpower and modern technology, along with the drive to innovate provides the ideal opportunity to evolve and grow.

Since our inception, the qualified, skilled workforce of Gajjar Group has played an important role in the success of the company. Consisting of more than 200 employees,their belief in thecompany’s philosophies, experience, hard work and know- how ensures Gajjar Group continues to deliver high quality end products with high efficiency.

Meet our Team
Harish K. Gajjar
Dilip K. Gajjar
Bharat K. Gajjar

Why We Are Unique...

Our obsession of creating Art to Part.
We possess a manufacturing setup with best of technology to offer, both in CAD and CAM. From Germany, Italy, France, South Korea and China. We have total in-house tool room capability to design and manufacture every component from Art to Part in-house, thus incorporated with “MAKE IN INDIA”

Project initiated by our Government.
We having 45 years of experience in manufacturing eyewear, from Metal, Plastic and combination eyewear at Mumbai and Bhilad (Gujarat). Our team of highly qualified design and production engineers offers the best quality and fashion eyewear. Thus we proudly say our products are Made in INDIA.



To continue growing as a leading manufacturer of quality optical products through innovation intechnology, design and quality.



To continuously develop and produce quality products tailored to the ever-growing customer demands. We strive to remain in the forefront in the industry by using the latest technology and manufacture products up to international standards.


Core Values.

  • Optimum Focus on Quality
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Passion for better Performance
  • Constant Adaptation to ensure delivery of the best products


Gajjar Group is currently one of the highest producers of eyewear products in the country. We have a capacity to produce a million eyewear pieces every year. Right from conceptualizing, designing to manufacturing of the end product is taken care of by us, in-house. Add to this, planetary polishing, electro deposition of precious and semi precious metals, electophoratic and electrostatic lamination, and colour coating are all taken care of in-house. These facilities ensure that Gajjar Group has complete control on the quality of our products.

Our plants at Malad as well as Bhilad make us the biggest manufacturer of eyewear in the country, both in terms of capacity as well as space. Using state of the art technology that ensures the quality of alleyewear products remain constant, till date we have produced more than 15 million successful frames in the market. We posses the best of tools and machinery available, procured from our very own Gajjar Tools Pvt. Ltd, a leading organization in manufacturing of eyewear tools in the country. Our machining centers are equipped with the state of the art technology like laser cutting, welding in Inert ATMS, CNC Eye rim, CNC-EDM and CNC- Milling. Professional use of CAD and CAM softwares along with other special custom softwares complement the machining centers.

But what makes all of our products special? It is the six layer coating method used by Gajjar Group that provides maximum protection against corrosion.

The process followed for this is:

  • Base material could be 18% cuproni~ stainless steel
  • Copper plating for addition 0.3 micron
  • Nickel plating for leveling 15~17 microns
  • Hard alloy plating 0.7 micron
  • 18~13 carate gold plating 0.5 micron
  • Clear clad ( zetaclad) electrophoretic clear coating 15 microns
  • Top coat of polyurethane clear coat of 17~20 microns
  • Anti-corrosion tested for 4700 h plus in salt spray weather meter “passed”. Acetone rub test passed 500 plus rubs. – no effect

And this is not where we stop! In order to ensure the production of high quality products, Gajjar Group sources the best quality material from internationally reputed suppliers. The materials used in our frames and sunglasses include Cupro Nickel, Monel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Nylon, Polyimide, Polycarbonate, and EVA to name a few.